Travel items

All our travel cards, tags and tees give you the unique opportunity to buy our travel crew member collection. A travel crew member is everyone who owned a travel card/tag/tee, posted a picture or story on Instagram and then passed it to somebody else.

Travel Collection

This collection consists of t-shirts and hoodies with a simple logo print on it. It is only available to those who got a travel card, found a travel tag or claimed a travel tee.

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Our travel tags are our way of beautifying urban landscapes. Watch out for them, with some you might get a little discount on your next travel collection order.

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In order to encourage people to say something nice, we created our travel cards. Just pass them on, compliment your friends or even strangers, make them smile and spread some joy!

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Travel Tees

Passing something on, but at a whole new level. Now we released T-shirts, that are meant to be passed on. Our tees help you connect with other people, flirt with them or undress them… ?

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further info on Travel tees

When you see someone wearing a travel tee, you can instantly claim this t-shirt and the current owner has to give it to you. Here’s what is written on them.

what You find on a travel tee + what it means

This is a puffbread travel tee. You can instantly claim this shirt and be the next puffbread travel crew member. Yes – you can just walk up to anybody wearing a travel tee and tell them to give it to you.

Everyone who receives a travel tee agrees to the following conditions:
1. Always wear the travel tee visibly and keep closet time short. It would be a shame, if you’d let the opportunity to get to know people pass you by.
2. When someone claims it, hand it over. 
3. Bring a backup tee to avoid public striptease. Unless you want to.
4. Look awesome on pictures.
5. Be awesome off pictures.

what You find on the Back of a travel tee

Furthermore, this T-shirt gives you the unique opportunity to buy one of puffbread’s travel crew member tees.

All you need to do is upload a picture of you wearing this T-shirt in your instagram feed or story, link @_puffbread_ and use the caption „I want a puffbread travel crew member tee“.

The puffbread sales team will contact you for all further arrangements.

PS: Hurry up, before someone else claims it.


Contact Us

Leave us a message to request your own set of travel cards to share or a set of tags to beautify your city. You can even order the travel collection here – just let us know your preferred item, size and colour.