Puffbread is a brand with straight designs and strictly limited access to their collections. All items are only available through direct connections to the brand.


a brand only known by a few based on word of mouth


designs reduced to the essence of every statement


only available through connections to the brand

our hood

Puffbread is placed in a community that lives in the here and now, that is loud and present, that accelerates snapshots and at the same time values ​​transience as a current zeitgeist.

„It is a distinctive brand, that values the people wearing it. It’s incredible ☀️“

– Cristian

By wearing Puffbread products our customers enjoy life and live the flexibility and openness that we love within our community.

Being part of the Puffbread community means appreciating the importance of having the right connections, comprehensive networks and networked thinking.

Travel Tees

Travel Cards

Traveled countries

spreading compliments

The idea behind the travel cards originated from a game we were playing at Puffbread’s, where we made each other compliments. In order to encourage people to say something nice, we created our travel cards. Just pass them to your friends or even strangers, make them smile and spread some joy! Speaking from experience: It works good to pull girls/boys.

Also our travel cards give you the unique opportunity to buy our travel crew member collection.

Tees traveling the world

It’s the same idea as with our travel cards, but at a whole new level. Now we released T-shirts, that are meant to be passed on. When you see someone wearing a travel tee, you can instantly claim this T-shirt and the current owner has to give it to you. Our tees are meant to help you connect with other people, flirt with them or undress them… 😉

Also our travel tees give you the unique opportunity to buy our travel crew member collection.