Underground Streetfashion

Our Hood

Puffbread is a brand with straight designs and strictly limited access to their collections. All items are only available through direct connections to the brand.

By wearing Puffbread our customers appreciate the importance of having the right connections, comprehensive networks and networked thinking.

Our Collections

We currently offer two three: a classic one with simple designs and straight cuts in a wide variety of different colours, a bold one with items made of heavy fabric that keeps you warm and one for everyone who got a travel card, found a travel tag or claimed a travel tee. Check it out below!

BOLD Hoodie

BOLD Hoodies made of heavy sweatshirt fabric that keeps you warm – available in a wide variety of intense colours

BOLD Longsleeve

BOLD Longsleeves with cuffrib made of heavy t-shirt fabric that keeps you warm in a straight unisex fit

Classic Bucket Hat

Classic black bucket hat made of 100% cotton with an unisex fit. Only available through someone connected to Puffbread.

Classic Hoodie

Classic Hoodie available in 35 different colours. Only available through someone connected to Puffbread.

All items are only available through direct connections to the brand. Don’t know anybody yet? Check out our Instagram to get to know us better or send us a direct message so we can get to know you! <3 Ps: there’s a rumor about a fourth collection, but for that you have to have better connections than reading stuff on websites…

spreading compliments

Our travel cards are simple compliments meant to be passed on. In order to encourage people to say something nice, we created our travel cards and now they are travelling the world. Just pass them to your friends or even strangers, make them smile and spread some joy!